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10 Ways To Know You Married A Great Woman:

1) When you look her in her eyes and say I love you, she blushes.
2) When she laughs, your heart is filled with joy.
3) Even when you argue with her, you are still awestruck by her beauty and you just want to stop arguing and hug her.
4) Every day that passes by, you feel deeper in love with her.
5) An overwhelming peace resides over you daily while working, knowing that your kids are at home with mommy and she is taking great care of them.
6) When you hold her hand, even after being married for 15 years, it still feels absolutely wonderful.
7) When you can’t even fathom being with someone else.
8) When she smiles at you, your life feels complete.
9) When she hugs you, you never want to let go.
10) When you know deeply in your heart that God only created one person in the world as lovely as her and she was meant for you….even though you know you don’t deserve her, she was gifted to you by God.

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