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Last night my daughter Trinity, 4, asked me if I would play dolls with her. When I told her yes, she started dancing around saying yippee! She was running around the house so excited.

I was a little surprised that what seemed simple to me meant the world to her. This also started me thinking of the things that excited me when I was a kid. The simplest things like going to Chuck-E-Cheese would send me into a spasm of craziness from all the excitement I felt.

I still remember those exciting moments as clearly today as when they happened. I realized last night that as simple as it seemed for me to play Tinkerbell & friends with her, she will probably be sharing this experience when she’s in her 50s. It’s a great feeling to know I have the ability to deposit those feelings into her life. I am in control as a father to project those deep and lasting joyful moments into my kids’ lives. What a privilege and awesome responsibility this becomes!

I think as parents, it is so important for us to stop with our busyness, and play with our kids. Regrets will always visit us later in life–our goal as parents should be to limit the frequency of their visits. Having meaningful play time with our kids is a great way to minimize these regrets.

I look forward to seeing the smile on Trinity’s face and the joyful dance & song when I ask her today if she wants to play dolls with daddy.

My life is brighter now because my little girls’ heart sang to me.

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