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When was the last time you watched your child sleep?

One of the greatest joys in life is to watch your child sleeping. They are so peaceful and precious. I believe there is a healing that takes place in our souls during this time. As I’ve watched my kids sleep, not only am I reminded of the tremendous blessing they are, I am filled with an amazing joy of their presence. Who am I to deserve this great gift from God? Who am I to properly raise this lovely child? As I look at them, I am reminded that I have a great responsibility. As this child grows, they will become more like me. My strengths as well as my weaknesses will be in them. The days which go by do not wait for me and can only be revisited in my mind….. God give me the wisdom to raise this precious gift. Give me the strength to do what is right. Help me be the example I wish them to be. Let me cherish each day with them as if it were their last. Let them grow up and marry someone who will cherish the privilege, just to be in their presence and watch them sleep….And with that, I whisper I love you.


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