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I made a list up of 52 things I thought would be fun to do with my Boys this year 2011. We will do them in any order and maybe group some together on days.

01. Build a fort.
02. Visit bee farm
03. Eat a 4 by 4 burger from In-N-Out.
04. Find a place that sells pickles out of a barrel and buy 3 to eat.
05. Sample 10 different types of cheese
06. Ride in a limo
07. Take the boys hunting.
08. Visit a Tortilla Factory.
09. Show them how to throw Ninja Stars.
10. Show them how to throw knives.
11. Shoot a bulls eye with a Bow and Arrow from their Fort.
12. Go camping at a campground.
13. Go paint-balling.
14. Ride on a Zip line
15. Rent a cabin in the mountains.
16. Take the boys to a shooting range to shoot.
17. Visit Texas
18. Visit Arizona
19. Take them to a Monster Truck rally .
20. Camp out in our back yard.
21. Go surfing.
22. Go horse back riding.
23. Take the boys out street evangelizing .
24. Go ice blocking down a hill.
25. Visit a building with 25 floors.
26. Find a building that has a 13th floor button.
27. Take them ice skating.
28. Take them to a roller rink.
29. Lay on our roof and look at the stars.
30. Go to a Hollywood Musical.
31. Go to a Magic show.
32. Make a snowman.
33. Go Deep Sea fishing.
34. Take them golfing 18 holes.
35. Swim to an Island.
36. Write a mini book with my boys.
37. Make a Shield of Faith.
38. Make marshmallow guns and have a war.
39. Go to a Billy Graham Crusade.
40. Find some sheep to pet.
41. Grow potatoes.
42. Take boys skeet shooting.
43. Make a 3 foot round pancake.
44. Take them to a Go-Cart track and race with them.
45. Go snowboarding.
46. Go digging for gems.
47. Go digging for gold.
48. Make a lemonade stand an sell lemonade.
49. Rent a boat and cruise around.
50. Take the boys Skeet shooting.
51. Take them to an Angels game.
52. Ride on a roller coaster.

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