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Today I am cleaning out one of my storage units. I have been using these units to store all my props I have built for events. I find myself looking at all of these items I have been saving with the realization that I could loose all of them if I do not come up with the money to pay for the units. I have found myself again praying to God for wisdom. As I am sorting my stuff and gathering things together for a garage sale, I am talking to God. I told Him that I relinquish all of my possessions to Him and He could do with them as He wished. I know Him to be a loving Father and I trust Him completely. If you take everything away, you can also bless me again with these things. It was then that I realized that they were never mine to begin with. God has given me everything I have and if He wishes to take some or all of it back, then I’m perfectly fine with that. I will praise you in my blessings and I will praise you in my want. Lord, I know you to be a loving father, I trust you completely. Help me be a beacon of hope for my wife, help me be an example to my kids of what a man of faith looks like.

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