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Sometimes I catch myself losing the faith. Although I say I trust God, when I am put to the test, my feelings seem to get the best of me. I remind myself of God’s faithfulness as well as His nature, but sometimes my feelings of doubt will rob me of my joy. Maybe this time He won’t pull us through, maybe this time will be the time when we’ll lose the roof over our heads. Maybe if I was more responsible with our money, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I know you’re there, God, but I can’t feel your presence this time. I just want to follow you and hear your voice. I am listening, but I am not hearing. What can I do? It seems that my only choice is to continue to praise you until I am able to hear you again. Then I’ll walk where you ask me to walk.

This morning I was on my way to Starbucks to read my Bible and listen to God. Once again I wanted to search out the scriptures, find some direction and ask God what’s going on in my life. On my way there, I was praying for a friend of mine whose son has been in the hospital getting a brain tumor removed. I was thinking that I couldn’t possibly imagine what he and his wife are going through right now. Their beautiful boy could possibly die any second. How do you deal with that?

Yes they choose to trust God, but that doesn’t mean that God won’t take him.

Try to sleep at night with that in the forefront of your brain. I was thinking, how could I ever deal with that? How strong would my faith really be if I were going through what my friend is going through with his son?

As I was thinking and praying about this, I heard God say to me, “it’s not about you and your plans.”

It was at this point that I realized the source of all my stress…. things are not going according to MY plan. My plan is this: I really want to stay in this beautiful house you so graciously provided for us just months ago…I really would like to keep our wonderful vehicles….etc. I could go on and on about how things are not going according to plan…. My plan.

Isaiah 55:8
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.

If I am really going to choose to trust in God, then I need to REALLY trust Him. To go where He leads only when I approve of the outcome or have a choice in the outcome, is not really trusting in Him.

Trusting God means that I am willing to go where He leads.

Trusting God means I will praise Him regardless of my circumstances.

Trusting God means I will keep my eyes fixed on Him daily.

Trusting God means I will stop asking Him “why?” and start asking Him “where?”

Trusting God is a daily choice to set my will and my expectations aside and choose to wholeheartedly follow His DAILY direction.

Today Lord I will choose to trust you, even when my feelings fail me. You are my only source of joy. Help me be a testimony to my wife and kids of your great faithfulness. Let me teach them by my example what it means to trust in you and to joyfully proclaim that our God is indeed a great God and worthy of our praise.

Your faithful servant,

My challenge for you today, is to make a decision whether you REALLY trust God or not. If you trust Him, then you need to praise Him in your trials.

I might not know what your going through right now, but I do know that, IN GOD YOU CAN TRUST.

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