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I made a list up of 52 things I thought would be fun to do with my Boys this year 2011. We will do them in any order and maybe group some together on days.

01. Build a fort.
02. Visit bee farm
03. Eat a 4 by 4 burger from In-N-Out.
04. Find a place that sells pickles out of a barrel and buy 3 to eat.
05. Sample 10 different types of cheese
06. Ride in a limo
07. Take the boys hunting.
08. Visit a Tortilla Factory.
09. Show them how to throw Ninja Stars.
10. Show them how to throw knives.
11. Shoot a bulls eye with a Bow and Arrow from their Fort.
12. Go camping at a campground.
13. Go paint-balling.
14. Ride on a Zip line
15. Rent a cabin in the mountains.
16. Take the boys to a shooting range to shoot.
17. Visit Texas
18. Visit Arizona
19. Take them to a Monster Truck rally .
20. Camp out in our back yard.
21. Go surfing.
22. Go horse back riding.
23. Take the boys out street evangelizing .
24. Go ice blocking down a hill.
25. Visit a building with 25 floors.
26. Find a building that has a 13th floor button.
27. Take them ice skating.
28. Take them to a roller rink.
29. Lay on our roof and look at the stars.
30. Go to a Hollywood Musical.
31. Go to a Magic show.
32. Make a snowman.
33. Go Deep Sea fishing.
34. Take them golfing 18 holes.
35. Swim to an Island.
36. Write a mini book with my boys.
37. Make a Shield of Faith.
38. Make marshmallow guns and have a war.
39. Go to a Billy Graham Crusade.
40. Find some sheep to pet.
41. Grow potatoes.
42. Take boys skeet shooting.
43. Make a 3 foot round pancake.
44. Take them to a Go-Cart track and race with them.
45. Go snowboarding.
46. Go digging for gems.
47. Go digging for gold.
48. Make a lemonade stand an sell lemonade.
49. Rent a boat and cruise around.
50. Take the boys Skeet shooting.
51. Take them to an Angels game.
52. Ride on a roller coaster.

Your Life Book

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Imagine that as each day of your life passes by, they are recorded in a permanent journal…. Your Life Book. You are the author of your life book…. You are in control of the content. How will it be written? Write it with passion and adventure. Write it in such a way that your kids will want to read it over and over again. Write it so your kids will use it as a guide for raising their kids. Make it worthy to be passed on from generation to generation. Fill it with exciting memories…. Fill it with adventure. Will there be chapter after chapter filled with daddy working? Your kids are only young once. You can add chapters to your book of life, but you can never rewrite previous ones. Take great care on how you write.

Now go and hug your kids!
~ Dr. Dad

Sleeping Kid’s

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When was the last time you watched your child sleep?

One of the greatest joys in life is to watch your child sleeping. They are so peaceful and precious. I believe there is a healing that takes place in our souls during this time. As I’ve watched my kids sleep, not only am I reminded of the tremendous blessing they are, I am filled with an amazing joy of their presence. Who am I to deserve this great gift from God? Who am I to properly raise this lovely child? As I look at them, I am reminded that I have a great responsibility. As this child grows, they will become more like me. My strengths as well as my weaknesses will be in them. The days which go by do not wait for me and can only be revisited in my mind….. God give me the wisdom to raise this precious gift. Give me the strength to do what is right. Help me be the example I wish them to be. Let me cherish each day with them as if it were their last. Let them grow up and marry someone who will cherish the privilege, just to be in their presence and watch them sleep….And with that, I whisper I love you.



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Yesterday Toby (6) was being mean to his sister Trinity (4). As a punishment I told him he would have to be her servant for the rest of the day. I told Toby that if Trinity needed anything, he would need to respond kindly with the words, “yes, my princess, I would love to,” and then assist her. I explained to Trinity that if she needed anything at all, she could ask Toby and he would have to assist her. I gathered that she fully understood what she had just gained when she immediately made her first request. She said, “Toby, would you like to play tea cups with me?” My wife and I found it hard to hold back our laughter. His brother Timmy did not, though, and started laughing. Toby found it amusing as well and started to laugh also. He looked at Trinity and responded with, “Yes, my princess, I would love to.”

I think Toby actually enjoyed playing with his sister.

I believe we need to teach our kids a few things here:

1. Being kind to others is a must.

Too often we allow our kids to get away with being unkind, rude, selfish and mean to their siblings. This should not be acceptable to parents. We need to address every instance of this behavior with loving correction and/or a creative punishment to curb this behavior. Many times I hear parents say two things: (1) “Kids will be kids.” Yes, this is true… This means that kids will be messy, careless, playful at the expense of our property, precocious and at times a huge handful. This does not relieve parents of our responsibility to lovingly show them the correct response to these situations. (2) Parents complain, “if I corrected my kids every time they did something wrong, I would be correcting them all day long.” My response to them is usually, “Duh, that’s the whole concept of being a parent!” We are here to teach our kids how to respond to every situation that might present itself. Yes it’s tiring, yes it’s a lot of work. The dividends that good parenting yields, though, will pay off for the rest of our children’s lives.

2. You must learn how to joyfully serve others.

In order to be a great leader, one must first learn how to serve. I have been self-employed for almost 20 years now. The thing that has most amazed me about other contractors is their unwillingness to serve their clients. I believe that one of the contributing factors to my staying in business all these years has been my willingness to take care of what needed to be done. I have always tried to place my clients’ needs above my own needs or pride. I want my kids to be known for having these servant qualities as well. One of the marks of a great leader is their willingness to serve others.

3. Learn how to respond positively when things don’t go your way.

Teaching our kids how to respond when we speak to them or correct them is so important. When Timmy was 3 years old, I wanted to teach him how to respond to me when I told him we could not buy something. As we were walking into Ralphs one day, I told him that I wanted him to pick out something which he would like me to buy for him. I instructed him that when he asked me, I was going to tell him no. I told him that when I said “no,” I wanted him to respond with “okay Dad, no problem.” Things went down just as I had instructed him. After he said, “okay Dad, no problem,” I paused for a couple of seconds. I then told him that I was so proud of the way he responded to me, that I had changed my mind and I was now going to buy him what he requested of me. I did this with him a couple more times with great success. Then it was time to change it up a bit. I instructed Timmy that when he asked me for something this time, the answer was really going to be no, and I wouldn’t change my mind. I also explained to him that as we went shopping in the future, I would sometimes say “no” and really mean it and sometimes, if I was impressed with his willingness to have a great attitude despite my saying “no,” then I might just change my mind.

This worked out well a few more times until one trip to the costume store. I said “no”… he said “no problem”…he looked at me…then looked at me again…then he cried for 10 minutes, saying, “I thought if I said okay, then you would get it for me!”

I took this time to lovingly re-explain the whole concept again. I also told him that because he didn’t have a great response this time, the next couple of times he requested something, I would have to tell him “no” and really mean it. I also told him that when he responds with a great attitude to any situation that seems negative, he will increase his chances of having the situation turned around for his good. He understood this and from that point on, he responded confidently and positive. To this day Timmy has a great attitude. I have always tried to change it up to keep my kids honest and on their toes. I also say “yes” to some of their requests and choose my no’s wisely. When we are in a store, it’s fun to watch the responses of people within earshot when my 4-year-old daughter asks me for something, I say “no,” and she says, ”okay Dad, no problem.”

People look at me. You can tell they’re thinking, ”how the heck did he do that?” I think to myself, all you have to do is teach your kids how to respond.

Kids are like little computers just waiting to be programmed. Parents are the programmers. What programs are you installing in their lives? If you don’t program them, the TV, media and other friends will. Remember: you’re the parent. You’re in charge. It’s a simple fact, but sometimes we forget.

We need to teach more than we correct. If we find ourselves constantly correcting our kids, this may be a sign that we need to teach them more.

Little gifts for kids

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Last night I told Trinity, my 4 yr old that daddy was going to leave her something on her dresser in the morning. She smiled with excitement and said, daddy is like Santa Claus? I smiled and said yes, daddy’s like Santa.

I have about 30 of these heart tins I’ve made for awhile now left over from an event I did. I figured I could, A. Sell them all for a buck at a garage sale or B. Leave one each morning for her for the next 30 days with some little fun and sweet things inside them. I chose B.

As I thought of this gesture, I thought of how powerful memories are to kids.

I urge all parents to seize each day with your kids. Create lasting memories by simple gestures. It’s never too late to preform kind little acts that will impact your kids future. Even if you have a stubborn teen who you might not get along with. Even leaving him/her a candy bar ,of their liking on their dresser for them to find with a little note saying I love you, Love dad, would be special. Something as little and seemingly insignificant as this gesture has the amazing ability to affect your kid for life. Yesterday I left Trinity a picture of two stick people holding hands, her and I . The caption says ( daddy loves you). She taped it to her door and showed me where she put it. Don’t let another day go by without performing some little gesture to the ones you love most in your life, for they will speak of it when they are old.

My little girl will wake up today with a joyful heart because of a simple tin filled with little hearts that say I love you and a small butterfly.

If you want your children to improve, let them overhear the nice things you say about them to others. ~Haim Ginott

This is so true. When I was 15 years old I remember overhearing my mother while she was speaking to someone else. I remember her saying ” Tommy always makes his bed”. The funny thing was, I immediately thought, no I don’t. I had actually had a good week in which I made my bed but rarely did on other occasions. Well the next morning came and I was running late for school and was about to leave my room with an unmade bed. Suddenly the words”Tommy always makes his bed” popped into my head. I immediately reminded myself that this statement was not true. As I took another step toward leaving, the thought kept pestering me as my mind was engaged in a mental war. I finally conceded that to just go ahead and make my bed was far less painful than to continue with my mental debate. This process went on for a few days before the new me took over. Now I always made my bed and did so without missing a day. I did not want to scar a perfect record now. This “thing” whatever took place amazed me. I did not want to let my mothers perception of me down. My mother had this image of me that I wanted to uphold. I know now how important the power of praise really is. I also know how this could work in the reverse. Had my mom told us that we were pigs and incapable of doing anything right, I might have believed that. After all, she is my mother and I do trust her. I think too often we as parents forget this important truth. We get caught up with recognizing the negative things we don’t like in our kids and we forget to praise them. I like what Zig Ziglar used to say. He said, sometimes you have to just catch someone in the act of doing something right, then praise them. My mom caught me in the act of doing something right and then she praised me. Make it a point to praise your kids and even let them overhear you praising them. You will be amazed at how much they respect what you think of them.

Last night my daughter Trinity, 4, asked me if I would play dolls with her. When I told her yes, she started dancing around saying yippee! She was running around the house so excited.

I was a little surprised that what seemed simple to me meant the world to her. This also started me thinking of the things that excited me when I was a kid. The simplest things like going to Chuck-E-Cheese would send me into a spasm of craziness from all the excitement I felt.

I still remember those exciting moments as clearly today as when they happened. I realized last night that as simple as it seemed for me to play Tinkerbell & friends with her, she will probably be sharing this experience when she’s in her 50s. It’s a great feeling to know I have the ability to deposit those feelings into her life. I am in control as a father to project those deep and lasting joyful moments into my kids’ lives. What a privilege and awesome responsibility this becomes!

I think as parents, it is so important for us to stop with our busyness, and play with our kids. Regrets will always visit us later in life–our goal as parents should be to limit the frequency of their visits. Having meaningful play time with our kids is a great way to minimize these regrets.

I look forward to seeing the smile on Trinity’s face and the joyful dance & song when I ask her today if she wants to play dolls with daddy.

My life is brighter now because my little girls’ heart sang to me.